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Who is this for ?

  • Emotional healing – Personal sessions are for those who need assistance with emotional healing, such as traumas, letting go of the past, and self beliefs.
  • Stress relief – Personal sessions are for those who need assistance with overcoming stress.
  • Mental healing – Personal sessions are for those who need assistance overcoming challenges and blocks which prevent from flying forward in life.
  • Purpose and Goals – Personal sessions are for those who need to zoom into life purposes and develop strategy to achieve their goals in relationship, finances, health, career.


Are you finally focused on living the life you want, By your standards and definitions?

We at 5vitals strongly believe in each of our human potential to be the best we can be. Often in times of stress and crisis we find it hard to see our unique strengths. Even after the crisis is over, we ask What is happening to me? Is this the way things are now? Will it always be like this? This is a very distressing place to be in. These issues we can certainly work on together- may it be anxiety, depression, trauma, bereavement etc. I work with clients on their journey to access their inner resources, break old patterns, release stored emotions and fears that hold you back, develop strategies, and finally allow yourself to experience happiness and freedom.

Letting go of the past and getting skills you need for the future you want is not always going to be easy. We offer a confidential, safe and non- judgmental environment to show you the fastest, simplest and most direct path to get everything you want in life the way you want it – starting right now.

Book your one-on-one consultation with Roshin right now. Your 15 minutes telephonic consultation is free.

Is there something in your life that you want or would like to change?

Improve Relationship

  • Finally master your relationship with money
  • Overcome A Crippling Fear or Phobia
  • Rise vertically in your career
  • Stop Insomnia Once And For All
  • Meditate better and feel more connected to self
  • Dissolve Stress In Your Life
  • Free Yourself From Emotional Pain/Suffering Due To Anger, Guilt, and Depression
  • Quit Smoking Once And For All
  • Stop Drinking, Taking Drugs, and/or Gambling.
  • Stop All Addictive Behaviors
  • Relieve Yourself Of Chronic Pain And Suffering
  • Overcome Jealousy and Envy
  • Eliminate Allergies Once And For All
  • Let Go Of The Past
  • Remove Bad Habits (Such As Nail Biting, Self Harming, and/or Cutting Yourself)
  • Lose Weight, Achieve Your Ideal Body Size And Shape
  • Overcome Trauma and/or PTSD
  • Finally Forgive Yourself And Others For Mistakes Of The Past
  • Live An Abundant Life
  • Become The Person You've Always Wanted To Be
  • Love Yourself More
  • Change Your Thoughts
  • Discover Your Life Purpose

There is no obligation. If you truly ready for change, we can help you – which we will tell you. If we can’t, we will tell you that too and we will recommend you to someone who can. We are 200% committed to help you, and that help sometimes come from someone other than us.

Gratitude, love and heartiest wishes for your health and prosperity.





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